Bionic Women

What would I do without my helpers?
Pc229106Not only was our road trip to Portos a great success, but I got to spend the morning clowning with my girls.

They are both so amazing. They have shopped and wrapped and filmed and edited and baked and cooked and put up with me through all of our preparations.

All with extraordinary grace and poise.

They haven't even complained. (well, maybe a little =D)

The last of the dvd's is coming off the assembly-line now.  The title they chose was:
"Entre y Toma Una Silla" which means, "Come in and take a seat."
But translated literally: "Between and Drink a Chair."
Pc2392031 They are printing and packaging and making placecards and singing
Christmas carols at the top of their lungs.
They remind me of my younger self and my sisters preparing for so many Noche Buenas so many years ago.

What I love the most is that they have stepped up and taken that baton and just run with it.

They have embraced the value that we have for being a blessing to our family. They have embraced their Cuban heritage.

I stop in the middle of preparations and remember that my grandparents loved Noche Buena and everything the celebration brings. I know my grandparents would have been delighted by my girls.

But today, I am the one who is delighted and grateful (and very, very proud). =D

Feliz Navidad!