Are we missing anything?

Representation of our homeschooling day.....

Pa046871 Lucy is the Master of the White Board in our homeschool.  I don't know where she gets it. Certainly not from the Cuban-Artist side. More likely from the English-High-Achiever parent, my husband, Eric.

Even though I can't take any credit for it, I'm still proud.

We have so much to do for school and for fun - it's easier to keep track of it all this way. I have to admit, I am really a sucker for lists with lines through the tasks. Jonathan takes a little longer to get to it, but at the end of the day, his tasks have lines through them too, and we wipe it all down and prepare sometime tonight for our day tomorrow.

I love the rhythm of our days. We plow unhurriedly through our school tasks. We take trampoline breaks (more on that tomorrow). We stop and chat and share things they have discovered. We ask each other questions.

Homeschooling is not an exact science. Some days are better than others. My goal has always been to teach them to learn.  I want them to love to learn.

Our white board bears evidence. It's happening.

And because I'm here with them each day.... I'm not missing it.