"Air" Marta

I'm a little embarrassed to share this...

I tried to call in sick today, but there was no one to call.

Okay, so I wasn't really sick. I just kind of overdid it yesterday and I'm paying today.
But there is no "substitute teacher" in a homeschool.
And I'm self-employed.
So because there was no one to call, I will just whine a little on this blog.

I blame Pam.
She doesn't believe that I really get "air" on the trampoline.
And she dared me to post a photo.
I asked Eric to document this for her benefit and he took his sweet time focusing, and...

Yeah, baby! That's me!

but... I went too high, too many times, for too long. (and momentarily forgot how old I am)
And I'm paying today for my arrogance.

I'm just happy I survived and didn't have to explain this to the paramedics.

Pretty impressive, though. Isn't it? ;-)