A Legend in My Own Mind from Marta’s Cuban American Kitchen

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Our family certainly did. And boy did we have leftover turkey!
The re-heated turkey meal started to get old really fast. So I suggested sandwiches.
Me: “Hey let’s make Elena Ruz’s.”
My kids: “Mom, use your words.” (smart alecks!)  “What are EL-EY-NA ROO-ZES?”
I very patiently explain that apparently (as far as I know) Elena Ruz was a Cuban socialite who frequented El Carmelo, a restaurant in Havana, and always requested a turkey sandwich with cream cheese and strawberry preserves. They eventually put the sandwich on the menu and named it after her.
I look in my refrigerator and find that I have not only leftover turkey, but lots of cream cheese and also white bread. But alas, no strawberry preserves.
And then I think that if I were making this sandwich, I’d toast the bread, skip the strawberry preserves altogether and make it with some kind of guava instead.
Wait! What am I saying? I am making this sandwich and I always have guava!
And that, my friends, is how a legendary Cuban sandwich is born. 😉

The Marta Darby Sandwich (=D)
2 slices lightly toasted white bread
3 oz. fresh cooked turkey
2 Tbsp. Cream cheese
2 Tbsp. Guava jelly or guava spread
1) Spread each slice of toasted bread with cream cheese.

2) Spread the guava jelly or spread over the cream cheese.

3) Add the turkey.
4) Enjoy!